Acanthastrea coral care
Acanthastrea corals are a LPS coral ( large polyp stone ) and easy to keep .
They do not need the pristine water quality as some other high demanding corals  and therefore can be good beginner corals . 
They are found in many different and intriguing colour patterns and therefore a highly sought after coral for the real collectors.
Water chemistry we recommend for Acanthastrea corals are the following
Temperature      23°- 25°
Salinity                1.025 – 1.026
KH                          7 – 8
Calcium               400 – 420
Magnesium       1300 – 1350
Po4                        0.01 – 0.05
No3                       1 – 10
Acanthastrea corals likes to be fed with meaty food such as mysis or krill .  You will notice the coral grab the food with their feeding tentacles that they will expose during feeding time.
They are not very light demanding and can be kept in the low light zones of your tank.
Often the death of this coral can be related to overexposure to light .
We keep Acanthastrea corals under LED lights in the range of 50 – 100 par
Acanthastrea are not aggressive and can be placed closely with other acan’s .
They can handle a variety of flow , low to high . But in our experience a low flow will benefit them to expand their polyps fully . As long if there is not detritus settling on the coral .

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