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This adventure began in the year 2004.
After three decades as a hobbyist, Theo opened a physical store.
Loaded with knowledge and energy, he made Reef-Corner the leading European coral shop.
In the summer of 2020, the business expanded with an online store.

Joey Verhoeven

Wholesale and internet sales / propagation and system maintenance

“If it’s dangerous , I want to do it”.  Former Bobsled athlete, rescue diver and Sidecarcross racer. 
Travelling the world with his mom to run or hike the most scenic trails.
17 years of reefing experience. 

Ruben Germeijs

Internet and store sales / coral health / Webmaster

Creative talent with colours and designs. Always planning  my next build.
I’m an Ex-Basketball player.
14 years of reefing experience.


Visit our store

Did you know that Reef-Corner is one of the oldest and most specialized coral store that you can visit in Europe ? The corals we have you will not find anywhere else.
So do not hesitate to pay us a visit and meet us for a talk and a coffee !!

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 17:00 H - 20:00 H
Thursday 17:00 H - 20:00 H
Friday 17:00 H - 21:00 H
Saturday 10:00 H - 16:00 H
Sunday 10:00 H - 16:00 H

Verbindingsstraat 4A
3670 Neerglabbeek  
physical store: info@reef-corner.be
Online store: online@reef-corner.be

Our facility

Since our founding in 2004, Reef-Corner has been the benchmark for the European coral market.
Ethics, professionalism, responsibility, and reliability are at the core of everything we do.
It is our mission to have every coral we import leave our facility healthier than when it arrived.
Our corals are therefore treated with the best care possible.
We have an average stock of 7,000+ corals consisting of 4,000+ colony’s and 3,000+ frags.
New shipments are arriving every week, and they are often handpicked ourselves during trips to our suppliers.

Lighting and technique

Our show and store tanks are all lit with ATI led and ATI T5 fixtures.
Propagation tanks, frag systems and the entire online system are lit with a mixture of Ecotech Radion gen 5’s and ATI LED/T5 combo’s.
The much-needed flow and skimming are all provided by Royal Exclusiv , consisting of Red dragon speedy pumps and Bubble king skimmers.
We mix and use our own home-made additives and salts.


‘What you see is what you get’. Before you purchase a coral, you as a costumer need to see the coral you are getting. Therefore you get to see what we see. Every picture is the coral you will buy.
The blue filter pictures are taken under Ecotech Radion gen5 blue lighting with RM filter lens.
Daylight pictures are taken under  Radion gen5 with full spectrum settings.
Every box is accompanied with a print of your order containing the names and pictures of your chosen WYSIWYG corals, so it makes it easy for you to identify your corals.


The most important parameters we use and recommend include:
Specific gravity 1.024-1.026
Temperature 23 – 26 degree
PH 8.1 – 8.4
Calcium 380 – 450 ppm
Alkalinity 7 – 9 Dkh
Magnesium 1300 – 1450 ppm
Nitrate < 10 ppm
Phosphate < 0.1 ppm

Sit down and have a coffee

You don’t become the best coral store overnight !

For more than 15 years, reef-corner has been the shop where you can not only find the most unique corals, but also the place where you will get the best advice from our heart.
All in a cozy atmosphere . 

After your visit you can sit down at the table with us to drink a coffee or tea together and  talk about this fascinating hobby.

But the best physical shop in Europe could not stay behind and therefore we launched our webshop in 2021 so all European customers can enjoy our corals.






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