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Acropora coral care
Acropora are a SPS corals and can be one of the more difficult corals to keep.
A stable environment will benefit the health of this coral.
They grow fast under the right amount of lighting, flow and water chemistry.

As water chemistry is so import for acropora corals , we recommend the following chemical parameters.

Temperature     23°- 25°
Salinity                1.025 – 1.026
KH                       7 – 8
Calcium               400 – 420
Magnesium        1300 – 1350
Po4                      0.01 – 0.02
No3                     1 – 5

Acropora coral doesn’t especially needs to be fed because they are photosynthetic  .

But they could benefit from broadcast feeding amino acids, small zooplankton or just having a healthy fish load in your tank  .

We recommend par levels of at least 300+ to keep Acropora colorful and growing .

Acropora can adapt to much higher par values , but the coral then slowly needs to be acclimatized over several weeks to prevent bleaching.
They don’t have large sweeping tentacles like other aggressive corals , but Acropora corals are relatively aggressive to other corals touching them.

Acropora corals are found in regions with very strong water movement and therefore greatly benefits from high flow in your reef tank.

This helps to prevent detritus settling in the branches of the coral, resulting in tissue lost.

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